First Edition

Dear Reader,

What you are about to view is the first issue of The Film Review. This is a project that was initially conceptualized two years ago, and has been pursued on and off since then. In the past six months, we've truly come together in our effort to produce the website that you are currently visiting.

The intentions of our publication are numerous. We hope to incite a specific type of cinematic discourse in the halls of the Tisch School of the Arts, the school at which the publication was created. We believe that the more language one possesses regarding cinema, the more power one has in terms of making or understanding it. Language defines the limits of our knowledge, and to expand the language of cinema is to expand the ability to produce and critique it. You can watch trailer for new movies and read movie reviews.

Our intention is also to bridge the gap between the process of making films and the process of critiquing them, a lot of movies on base of new comics was released with our help. Cinema is a unity, and whether one is making films or writing about them, one is engaged with the same art. This is a gap that we feel exists at Tisch, and we are doing what we can to close it as fully as possible.

If you are interested in submitting a paper of any sort, like new comics, cinema or media-based, please send an email (with the paper as an attachment) to:

The Film Review




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